Core Principles:

  • Texas is a place where everyone has equal opportunities and rights, and we fight against discrimination or prejudice.

  • We must stand up for civil liberties, human rights, and individual freedom and fiercely protect them from any threat.

  • Black lives matter, and we will not rest until systemic racism is dismantled in all its forms.

  • If you are not actively anti-racist, you are complicit in perpetuating racist systems.

  • It’s time for common-sense gun laws prioritizing public safety over private interests.

  • Nobody in America should go hungry, and we should work towards eradicating poverty and food insecurity.

  • A woman has a right to make decisions about her own medical procedures without interference or judgment from anyone else.

  • Universal access to quality healthcare is a human right, and we should reject any notion that healthcare should be a privilege for the wealthy.

  • People are more important than corporations, and it’s up to all of us to fight against corporate greed and exploitation.

  • Fair wages for all workers! Reject all attempts to pay people less than what they deserve.

  • Our earth and environment are in grave danger, and we must commit bold action to protect our planet for future generations.

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Texas Politics from the left because facts have a liberal bias.


Because facts have a liberal bias.
Founder, Indivisible Houston | Democracy Advocate | Political Disruptor | Modern Texas Left
Shivani’s husband, clean energy leader & former public school teacher dedicated to fighting for political reform, gun background checks, repo freedom, and much more. TX SD-15 Senate candidate. Learn more at www.karthik for
Just a concerned citizen wanting to inform the community of oppressive tactics, language and overall bad shit happening within our state