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Excellent ...thanks...

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Michelle, SBOE 12 is also up in November. Did you not include that one for some reason? A Democrat ran against her in 2022 and got 36% of the vote. With some work, we might be able to flip it. I'm spreading the word on these races, especially now that the f*ckers don't want to teach science.

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I asked Crystal Gayden and the entire EC of the Tarrant Dems,: 'whose has filed for what?"........TCDP doesn't publish that and Gayden didn't respond.....so my question is , how would anyone know if a seat was being challeneged by a neighor or friend, much less someone across town you never met? or Perhaps no one has filed at all..... and, who knows, you might wanna give it a shot and run......

TCDP makes it a mystery which is a mystery to me. Is Lauren running for SR 97 again?....How the hell would i know till I read about in FWST deadline day?

Was it Crystal Gayden who said "we will know whose running at the filing deadline? Or something to that effect.

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