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To me, the Tx fascists are simply microcosm of the national GOP. If we can deal effectively with the GOP in your home state, we can craft a strong electoral path against them nationwide.

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I agree. If Democrats flip Texas, that ends the GOP's path toward the White House for good.

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fox in in the henhouse....FWST tries to run past us an Trump normalizer....I contacted TCDP and suggested they proffer a response to Steve Coffman, Publisher FWST. It seems to me the County Chair could likely get a rebuttal opinion published.

TCDP didn't take the suggestion well. Its like i asked them to advocate for Tarrant voters..

its paywalled but i think the headline sums up the ruse: "Maybe it was the eclipse: I can’t believe it, but Trump is making sense on abortion | Opinion"

Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/article287526795.html#storylink=cpy

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crooks, liars, pervs, wife beaters and cheats....fur shure...now GOOPER's can add murderers to the list..

BTW HRC..deplorables!..dead on and too rite girlfriend!

"Tiffany Adams, an Oklahoma resident who last year was elected as the chairwoman of Cimarron County Republican Party, was arrested this week and charged with three other people of participating in kidnapping and murder." from Rawstory

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is it a contract like a 'mob contract' aka; a hit?

yelling into the howling winds but TDP in Austin with ur huge population in number and proportion....organize tech companies!!!!!!!,,,,there may be a few incels and bro bros but for the most part they are large diverse orgs and could run these wackos outta the state if they got their collective shit together....i am a female coder and want to work in Texas 1962? or say NM 2024 or even Cali or Washington or Oregon.....heh tech guys give me a C give me an O...give me a Colorado

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not related but i talked to a bartender at Love Field who remembers watchin the JFK parade. that's history!

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