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This may sound heretical but i believe the Abortion issue is a dead letter. Most Hispanics are likely split on the issue and unless there is a huge number of demonstrable tragedies I don't think it will get the kind of traction we have always assumed it would.

2020 showed it not to be a salient issue.

Immigration too. Guns too. these issues don't seem to hunt in statewide politics.

However Medicaid Expansion and maternal mortaily can be huge. That effects some 600k Texans of both sexes and all colors including whites.. I also believe the water break rule could play well........'got water...NO thanks to GOP"

Beleive it or not the old 'home rule', conservative trope along with Reagan's sage brush rebellion enenergized lots of C voters as a reaction to government overreach. Now the Tea Partiers are becoming the Britsh as Abott and Co. appropriate land use rights in your suburban neighborhood or Abott take over your schools I havne't come up wiht a slogan for that yet. I don't know about you but i am deeply offended at having my tax dollars support White Crhistian Nationalsit elementary schools.

So thats all of a theme0...Abbott and Company tryanny

A reminder of our horrible air polution and global warming and Biden's battery factories landing in Texas would be good.

you can only dip into the well so many times so without a huge collapse of some kind the 'grid' is not a salient issue.

I like as bumper stickers.....'cruelty is the point' or "Texas: the New Confederacy"

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