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It's scary to realize that religious extremists exist in every community, not just in the Middle East, as our leaders would want us to believe.

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The Republican Taliban.

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Thanks for raising awareness about these threats to women’s reproductive rights.

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note Michelle: place this wherever you think best

Tarrant woman jailed. Flordia and other R's around the country get probation at best. I will let Bud Kennedy sum it up: "Crystal Mason didn’t vote illegally, appeals court rules; 2018 Tarrant conviction reversed

Crystal Mason’s case became a national cause celebre, and Exhibit A in claims that the Republican Party of Texas is trying to intimidate voters."

this story has more legs than one. It was the handi work of DA Sharon Wilson carrying water for Ken Paxton....... I ran into a former Assitant DA last week and as he was huffing and puffing about his great service for the Citizens of Tarrant County. I said 2 words: "Bonnie Arnett".* That shut him up. Bonnie's case was another huge miscarrigage of justice out of our DA's ofice. To say our DA's act with impunity is an understatement.

2. Crystal is black......so of course she was treated differently, more savagely ,more unjustly, than any of the other R voter fraud cases around the nation.

3. Wait...wait...wait..............and keep waiting for any aoplogies from anyone

Here again from Bud K: "Former Republican Justice of the Peace Russ Casey actually pleaded guilty to faking the signatures to get himself on the ballot. Yet he received probation. Earlier last week, when Paxton escaped trial on a fraud charge by agreeing to pay his victims $270,000 — a year and a half’s salary for the Texas attorney general — I thought of Mason. Paxton was eligible for a pretrial diversion agreement, we were told. So is any nonviolent suspect.

Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/bud-kennedy/article287194270.html#storylink=cpy"

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*Bonnie Arnett was a UT Law grad and worked for some of FTW's top law firms. Her husband was a FTW cop. He shot Bonnie in their bedroom. Tim Curry arranged to "no bill" him. Bonnie's parents, with resources, managed to use Texas law to get him indicted anyway..He is doing 40 years.

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or: "Republican official claiming 2020 election was “stolen” voted illegally nine times

Brian Pritchard, first vice chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, faces a $5,000 fine for voting on probation" from Salon

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Dear Gawd..someone ask Craig Goldman how he is not party to this MAGA lunacy....he is damned no matter how he answers.....bahm! we have a D congressman in CD 12..if we had a candidate running that is

BTW more lunacy to come...attach it all to Goldman like a sticker burr

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related : guess who committed ACTUAL voter fraud........R's of course. "Two public school principals in North Texas have been indicted for allegedly using their school email accounts to urge staff to vote for certain political candidates in the March Republican primary election."

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in the intolerant column...or "they eat their own"

From TM

"Up against the wall, Charles Butt! The Jacobins in the GOP have a new enemy, and it’s the 86-year-old chairman of Texas’s beloved grocery chain, H-E-B. This weekend, party officials in four counties in East and Southeast Texas voted to condemn the “Democrat billionaire” for involving himself in “advocating for policies contrary to the Republican Party of Texas platform.”

Butt is Republican..

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