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Enrollment in Arlington ISD is 83 percent nonwhite but the school board consists of six white members and one Hispanic member, the law firm said. Eagle Mountain-Saginaw’s school board members are all white even though 39 percent of the district’s students and voting age population are Hispanic, the law firm says.

Lawsuits follow..duh! the question is what took so long.

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Heh y;all Texans , ever wonder what ever happened to ur royality checks that u stopped getting


here they are: https://www.claimittexas.gov/

i found 3....about $150's worth

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D.C journalists muse over LLano in Salon 3/5

"We went to Llano, Texas, where they have one of these library controversies over whether there are going to be certain books allowed in the public library. The conservatives that we talked to, they all said, oh, we are the reasonable ones. They said all these crazy liberals want to put this pornographic filth in the library, and we just want to make sure things are age-appropriate. But we also heard from a lot of people there who said that things have just gotten meaner since this thing with the library started. It's just all nasty, and we used to all like each other. Once you have these issues that crop up with these national overtones, it can make it feel like this is something that can't be resolved. That my neighbors, even if it's it's a minority, are my enemies."

this further reporting about a candidate not in Texas but absolutely applies to Overton Court in FTW:

""I support you, but I can't take a sign because if I do, my neighbors are gonna tear it down. I'm afraid of them." There's a bubbling up of real nasty antagonism towards the liberals who live in these areas".

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Pioneering family had an iconic great ? great? great? grandson......Townes 0Van Zandt......

by the inimical Bud Kennedy:

"Eighty years after one of country music’s greatest songwriters was born into west side wealth in a Texas pioneer family, Van Zandt has now been gone for a generation.

Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/bud-kennedy/article286096721.html#storylink=cpy

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A headline from DK

When Your Home State Also Becomes Your Abuser

The leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide, most often by an abusive partner with a gun. And Texas is forcing victims to stay pregnant, while making it easier for abusers to get guns.

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in cultural news.....FW Opera presents DWB

it is an indication how moned FTW thinks about the redneck MAGA simpletons


then they vote for Granger and now Goldman and wonder why there is so much divisiness


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I otta get out more.....Beyoce soaring to the top of country chart ..its like Garth Brooks singing opera

breaking cajun news outa Houston


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little known fact..at least to me

In the 2020 presidential election, 6.3 million Texas women voted, compared with 5.6 million men. Media attention on women candidates is generally plentiful and positive. Political parties are supporting women candidates.

Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/other-voices/article285865486.html#storylink=cpy

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I mention this because the author was jailed in...............wait for it.............bada boom...................Texas

brian karem in salon 2/24..................

"Speaking with reporters in California on Thursday, the president said this about Donald Trump. “Two of your former colleagues not at the same network personally told me if he wins, they will have to leave the country because he’s threatened to put them in jail,” Biden told Katie Couric. “He embraces political violence,” Biden said of Trump “No president since the Civil War has done that. Embrace it. Encourages it.”

note S-T is getting better balance but did not ask Craig Goldman R-CD 12 i fhe would support funding Ukraine.....I suggest if they don't care about their readers they ought to at least think about their own survival in a Trump regime...

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a conundrum...to find a democrat contractor


an email to the guys who want to reroof.....responses haven't been good



i preface by saying we were union contractors before right to work hit Texas  and I6 work with Tarrant Dems


How MAGA are you?  

I should have asked earlier but we Dems thought MAGA would chill. Didn't happen.Now that it's the  political season I am reminded of the threats to our Democracy presented by Trump and MAGA and the virulency of MAGA....Who knows better than a roofing contractor about immigration! On the one hand they don't want a Border Bill and on the other hand they do want Putin to win in Ukraine.

Not to mention MAGA support for a rapist and serial liar.  A thoroughly odious guy.! Civics would be set back a 100 years..........."Heh little Tommy , don't lie and you must respect women"..but Dad you voted for Trump. I am just acting like him."

Let me know. "

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I have Jewish accquaintances and neigbor,who, when asked about Craig Goldman, Jewish Candidate for Kay Granger's seat, TX-12, start looking at their shoe-laces.

Hitlers's 3rd Reich had something like 300+ facilities involved in the Final Solution.

One was a mere 20 miles from my home in Belgium. Belgiums stood passively b5y as local Jews and other undesireables were rounded up and sent to the facility and put on a train to Germany. I could ride me bike there.

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Attn: neo-confederates, neo-nazis, or as Hilary call em ...deplorables

we are on to you.

a short sample of IA and NH reveal God fearing hard working good ole country folks ....well they had a choice.......a conservative....Haley, a more conservative ...Desantus ,and a Dictcator ,Don "joe goebels " Trump. They choose the orange anti-christ.

anyone want to wager that Texas rural counties will vote just as hatefully and decidely unchristian and that your R neigbor or golf buddy or co-worker will pull the lever for the worst person in American History. Often gleefully. Always knowingly!

If you are black or brown or gay, that white person you know but who votes R will idly stand by while they drag you off to some gulag or concentration camp.......

Don't believe it. Buchenwald , a notorious concentration camp was a tram ride away from Dowtown Munich. it opened in 1937 and closed in '45. Nobody uttered a peep.

I would love to see Trey Hunt or Sebastian Gehrig , both candidate for TX-12 against likely R nominee Craig Goldman ask ........."Craig,0 do you believe there were good people chanting 'Jews will not replace us!' in Charlotsville."

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I got a FB post from a Hunt supported criticizing me for critcizing him and every Tarrant Dem for not having any signs up. Hunt has run before and outta know better. Gehrig seems to think you need not campaign at all.

So the shoe -in for Kay Granger is Craig Goldman.........and if you wondering yes he is Hebrew.......... How can he be Jewish and MAGA you ask?(see Jews Will Not Replace Us- US Parade-Charlestville-Wiki). Well Goldman seems to be doing just that with aplomb. I think most reasonable people might consider this sociopathic.

Either that or he is a whiny little shimp who got sand kicked in his face at prep school and he learned its better to switch than fight.

Maybe he joined them all the while saying to himself he will change the racsit, mysgoynist ,anti-semetic GOP from within. Only Craig knows why he joined the tribe that wants to marginalize, if not kill, the Jews...Oh and perform forced births ...sounds a little Mengalian don't u think.

I would love to hear his excuses.

and a quote from his Rabbi and Mom.

Oh Vey!

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from Sebastian Gehrig , candidate Dist 12 FB........i wann throw up a little

"I’m running for office because I believe in moving beyond narrow party labels. Our focus should be on what’s best for the people, not getting caught in the endless red vs. blue divide. We should not reduce people’s identities to just party affiliation. "

does that mean he wants to work with the "Jews will not replace us" gang? Craig Goldman embraces the Nazi adjacent MAGA and MTG and Gehrig wants to break bread with those that criminalize a dying woman's abortion.

we are doomed Tarrant Dems, doomed.

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