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This will likely be the only time u will hear me praise rural Texas R's.....they actually oppose this voucher program...not many exclusive private christian prep schools near Iraan or Big Lake

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Nov 17, 2023Liked by Michelle H. Davis

this is so incredibly terrifying!

i don’t even know what to do with myself.

i’ve emailed and called my useless, bootlicker of a rep many times despite knowing how he’ll vote, but what more can one do?

the fact that texans DO NOT want school vouchers / ESA’s means dick to abbott and every house republican who supports this bill!

god save us all if this passes.

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Michelle H. Davis

I think about using an excerpt of this essay in a Letter to the Editor, citing this newsletter. Your policy on that? I could repackage and still cite. Also, where can I find support for the Mary Jane $3 billion figure?

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I've said this on other newsletters: the GOP today is a three-headed Hydra of plutocracy, Xhristian nationalism, and white supremacy. The Texas GOP has distilled this triple-headed monster into an even purer form compared to the national party or other states' GOPers. Since they know they are headed for the demographic and ultimately electoral cliff, they are robbing the piggy bank of state taxpayers while the gettin' is gettin' good. None of us should be surprised by this.

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