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3 events on the march to the New Confederacay in Texas

Texas quits National Voter Fraud Registery and partners up with Ala, Fla, MS and other Red States. Watch black voters arrested and whites not.


TAMU drives out DEI Journo Dean and TAMU President quits , not in support of Journo Dean but because she failed to keep negative press from this purge.


Update and clarifiction.....don't read Pres's resignation as a valiant support for Black Academics but rath er as someone falling on her sword in subservience to the New Confederates of Austin.


Houstin ISD cuts 2000 jobs after STATE takeover Houston ISD>.........teacher and adminstrators beware...texas adopting fla model.

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Does anyone remember that our illustrious guv originally ran on preserving local control? Then immediately after he took office he betrayed the people of Denton and took away their right to say NO FRACKING in city limits. Why does this never come up???

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dan..great insight.....2 things......we need something pithyand succinct to call all this...i recall 'home rule" was the R cris de coeur in the 80's surronding all this.......

someone needs to get to our newly elected but very dormant Tarrant County Chair engaged....here is but another reason for Rs or Is NOT to vote R. Unfortunately we have a right leanig newspaper which is read by the only people who vote so they will mimimize if not refuse to cover at all.

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