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Tim, don't wait for the party to do something. This is on each one of us. Join other groups like League of Women Voters, Blue Horizon, etc. Travis County is the same way. Idk why, but I do know we need to kick it up if we are going to change anything in Texas. I'm reading Saving Democracy by David Pepper and I get his substack newsletters. Lots of ideas of what each of us can do.

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heh LSL.....one of my major greivances with Tarrant Dems is their communication sink hole

I get emails once or twice a week for Tarrant R's...straightforward, informative

Tarrant D's ....They don't email , period. . They post nothing useful for voters on the website. I think they are are on Facebook. if so I never hear from them . Do they block their critics? instagram, tik tok...forget about it,

what do other counties do?

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The Amendments were incredibily hard to understand.......our own Tarrant County Democratic Party couldn't bother to alert us to the vote nor explain or offer reco's reflecting Dem values.

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What is the point , or utlitlity of a Tarrant Dem Party? An Arlington SR candidate told me she didn't even think about the party when deciding to run....and Crystal was standing 4' away when she said that.........probably smart on this candidates part ...but here is the thing

in every School Board meeting, city councl meeting, sports event, most churchs, lots of affluent PTA's, bible studies, local Chambers of Commerice, Kiawans, Boy Scout , Country Clubs, koffe klatchs, most bars, believe or not most unions halls, hell even my local Tom Thumb ....there are MAGAits or R's or Gun nuts meeting, talking, discussing, openly, loudly, sometiime vulgarily......step into one of these events and mention Joe Biden and they will stone you.

Tarrant Dems are in diaspora...unless perhaps if you live in Como or Stop 6. I don't know one place where i could go and dependably run into a fellow dem and talk openly....and my n/h went Beto/Biden/Beto. My neigbors who voted Dem don't want to be heard talking up D's...unless they are in a protected job ...like a TCU prof or maybe civil servant.

The only place that i know of where I should and could dependably kibbitz with fellow D's is in and around or at TCDP....at that they have failed...not just Crystal currently....but going back years...........we will see if at least they put up candidates. Till now at that they have failed. And they have brillant excuses BTW.

If your a TCDP EC and think ur job is collecting money to collect more money, quit and go help the grand kids with thier homework.

someone organzied a meetup at a Mansfield upscale bar....It was referenced on TCDP website.. That's how i heard about it...........TAKE NOTE TCDP THIS IS ABSOLUTEY BRILLIANT MARKETING....but then total silence ...not a peep if 2 or 10 or 10,000 showed up.....the Bulletin,,,,RIP,DOA, toes up? anyone know? Is the only other event for Dems who are not on the EC the Primary election in March , at your polling station?

I read about orgs doing thing....here on LSL or other places....i can't join every org....especially if they are statewide or national.....TCDP could host one or two of them.....

Alison had Iris and Iris would return an email. What gives now? Crystal complained harshly that emailed her office yet half of dozen emails to TCDP have gone unanswered. Has voter interaction gotten worse with Gayden or is there some secret i have not been let in on? Enquiring minds want to know.

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let me offer these comments............i mentioned before i haven't herad from my pct. chair ever..10 years now .......and evidently u all use email amongst yourselves. does that mean my pct chair has my email and won't email me? Or is she too lazy to communicate with her constituents?.....I don't know.....How would i know.

I have signed up on the webiste two dozen times. I was actullay getting the Bulletin till Gayden took over...Has that been shuttered or am i being blocked? I dunno but there is an answer.

It seesm TCDP is absolutely intent on never reaching any Democrat who is not in the inner circle.......

I live in a pretty affluent zip and there is no signs of any democratic activity what so ever...even as it was blanketed by Beto signs

its absurd....TCDP couldn't be more invisible if you had use invisible paint. I suspect its a reflection of the fact the last 2 Chairs were selected...they put tthemselves forward and you all were too lazy or indifferent to vet them...but ast Harris Pct Chairs have demonstrated , you all can be consequentilal

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if you ever want to know why Texas became Republican , one simple answer is: lawyers...

in the 80's and 90;s lawyer were making huge money on worker's comp claims and triple damage liability awards.............it got to where a biz couldn't buy WC or Liability Insurance....I know ,I was one......

thing is Dems protected this grift.....and lawyers basically infiltrated the Dem Party to protect their racket.

Tex biz's revolted and have assocaite the Dem Party with the shysters ever since....

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I was ED for Hays Dems in/around 2000... the Chair was Chas Soeching .....he was a partner or stringer for O'Quin and Lamianck, the $2 billion tobbaco settlement lawyers......O'quinn bought a big ranch along the Blanco River in Hays County. Hays Dems selected Soechting thinking he would bring

Quinn money..

Soecthing brought NO O'Quinn money to Hays Dems and contributed only $1000 of his own , As a chair he was AWOL....deletoriously so,.......Soecting went on to become State Chair, based on the same principle, money imagined but never deliverd.

Parrells to TCDP Chair?

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not debating your assesment..prob is its the only vehicle to counter MAGA

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