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I had heard about the threat that if Hinojosa wasn't made chairman of the party, Democrats would lose south Texas. We are already losing south Texas, thanks to Republican mis and disinformation and lies about Democrats. In the run up to the Governor's race, as a newbie to politics, I wanted to get the vote out in my precinct. I contacted my chair several times, without success. She just never really answered me. So I googled some groups in Austin who could help me, and Blue Action Dems had a REACH training. I got trained, loaded on my phone, went to League of Women Voters to get some lit, and walked a small portion of my precinct. By this time, its 3 days before the election. It shouldn't be that hard. We're supposed to be a team. What we did in 2022 did not work, and I don't see anyone stepping up to do something different to win in 2024. So I'm back to the drawing board to figure out how to do something.

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an email from Tarrant County GOOPER's; 'The Tarrant County GOP is hosting a fundraiser on January 27th! We are thrilled to announce that U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the keynote speaker. Tickets to the event will include a meal and a copy of her new book, "MTG."

Red meat thrown to the baboons......u got to give it to em........

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Heh Crystal Gayden , Chair of the Tarrant County Democratic Party, referred to by Republicans as the biggest suburban MAGA county in the USA....

Rememeber the several , and by several I mean 12x I offered to fund info booths for Tarrant citizens to learn what they can actually get out of O'care? Do u also rember when u told me to drop dead?


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i get a pretty useful email from Travis Dem Party.about once a week. the diff between Travis, Harris, Dallas , Bexar and Tarrant is u all are blue.......so i can understand some complacency.

we were purple for Beto and Biden but went decidedly red in 2020...

the Tarrant R's call us the "largest Red Suburban County in the country"............becuase us Dems sat around and let them take over. still sitting around

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Michelle has some pretty good insight..she was talking about new state party ED being dynamic and getting things going....in terms of my local party i don't know really why they exist...i certainly don't know why they fundraise...*

by way of contrast local R party are always making news or messaging consituents

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There seems to be not one Texas Dem who is screaming their bloody lungs out over this


5OO k lose Medicaid -reported only by FSWT so far...a newspaper with no liberal editorial columnist covering blue turned red FTW.

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