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Texas Politics, 2024, And Musings From Michelle

Texas GOP's March Madness: Ballot Initiatives Bound to Backfire

Will Corrupt Republican Senators Finally Face The Retribution Of Voters?

Merry Mayhem: The Republican Party's Christmas In Texas

I'm Voting For Roland Gutierrez In The Democratic Primary - Here's Why

Where Are Texas House Members From?

Which Majority-Minority Districts Are Held By Republicans In Texas?

Victoria Neave Criado vs. Nathan Johnson: The Showdown No One Saw Coming

The Malevolence Of Carpetbagging Republicans

Lone Star Left Endorses Denise Wilkerson For HD94

A New Dawn For Democrats In Texas?

Who Will Be On The Texas Ballot In 2024?

The Monsters Among Us

Who Is On The 2024 Ballot In Texas (So Far)?

The Republican Party Of Texas' Unabashed Embrace Of Nazism And White Supremacy

Texas Democratic Party Becomes First State Party To Call For A Ceasefire

How Republican Policies Have Led To High Poverty Rates In Texas

The Very Crowded Democratic Primary Race For TX32

The Urgent Battle in Harris County's HD150 - Only 15 Days Remain

The Question Mansfield Wants To Know: Will David Cook Run Unopposed Again?

The Most Important Elections No One Is Talking About

The GOP's Rejection Of Science And The Urgency For Environmental Action

The Fiscal Irresponsibility Of Texas Republicans

Which Democratic Campaigns Have Announced Their Run In The 2024 Election?

House Republicans Advance Racist Border Bills... Again

Lone Star Left Endorses Trey Hunt For Texas’ 12th Congressional District

How Is The 4th Special Session Going So Far?

32 Days Until The Filing Deadline - How Many Republicans Are Still Unopposed?

Break Down Of The Texas Election Results

Troy Nehls Calls Women Heifers And Greg Abbott Calls A Fouth Special Session

The "Show Me Your Papers" Bill And Vouchers Are Dead

As The Special Session Clock Ticks Down, Patrick And Phelan Take Jabs

Which Texas Democrats Are Most Likely To Switch Parties?

Operation Lone Star Needs To Be Audited

The Texas Senate Schedules A Hearing On Colony Ridge

Injustice In The Lone Star State: GOP's Bills Called Unconstitutional And Racist

House GOP Schedules A Day Of Harm

Shelby Slawson Doesn't Deserve To Be On The House Committee On State Affairs

Gion Thomas: A True Progressive For Houston

Everything Republicans Said About Colony Ridge Was A Lie

2024 Is Going To Be A Big Year For Texas Democrats

Republicans Are In Complete Chaos

57 Days Until The Filing Deadline - How Many Republicans Are Still Unopposed?

Political Theater In The Republican Party Of Texas May Cause Popcorn Shortage

Nazigate Has Taken Over Texas Politics By Storm

The Republican Party Of Texas Falls Off The Rails As Nazigate Explodes

The Republican Party Of Texas' Neo-Nazi Problem

Tsion Amare: A Progressive Voice For The Texas House

Legislature Set To Meet In Three Days As The GOP Civil War Rages On

West Texas Billionaires Set Aim At Forcing Hispanics Out Of Texans

Save Harris County, Fight Against White Supremacy - Run For Office

In Symbolic Move, Abbott Calls Special Session On Indigenous Peoples' Day

Lone Star Left Endorses Karthik Soora For State Senate District 15

The Power of Your Voice: Transforming Texas Through Voting

Texas Progressives Embarrass GOP In Sham Impeachment Against Joe Biden

When Texas Flips

Lone Star Left Playbook September Recap

The Republican Party of Texas' Efforts To Purge Voters From The Voter Rolls

Day Six Of The GOP Civil War - Texas Republicans VS Themselves

Democracy Needs You! Texas Needs You!

A Bloody Civil War Of Epic Proportions

Ken Paxton Acquitted On All Charges - To Return To Office

Education Blueprint to Defeat Red Scare Extremists

The Texas Democratic Party Tries A New Approach

Republican Policy Has More Than Doubled The Child Poverty Rate

Will The Senate Vote To Convict Ken Paxton?

Republicans Have Broken Everything In Texas

Paxton Impeachment - Day One Breakdown

Impeachment Day - Kick Off

Angela "The Bonnie To His Clyde" Paxton Announces Reelection

A Media Whore And An Oil Whore Go Toe-To-Toe As The GOP Civil War Rages On

A Progressive White Knight Rides In To Save Texans From The GOP's ERCOT

The Problem With Carpetbaggers

Dear Kaufman County Democrats - Run Someone Against Keith Bell

The 162 Year Old Fight For Justice In Parker County Continues On

Is Julie Pickren A Liar Or Did She Simply Spill The Beans Early?

How to Flip Texas by 2030

Texas To Implement Fascist Propaganda Outlet, PragerU In Schools

Paxton Lawyers Fret Over His Reputation

Texas Young Republicans Go To War Against Texas Old Republicans

Democrat Are Running Texas - Stupid Shit Republicans Say

Chuy Hinojosa - A Republican In A Democratic District

Wake Up Fort Bend County, You're Being Royally Screwed

New Details Of Paxton Affair Published In Impeachment Motion

Mothers Against Greg Abbott Scorecard - Sneak Peek

8 Ways Cameron County Can Build Local Power to Challenge Elon Musk's Influence

It’s the System Stupid: The Path Forward for Texas Democrats

Thinking Of Running For Office? Run For The State Legislature

Denying Healthcare: Kolkhorst, Harless, And The Blood On Their Hands

Can The TDP's New Executive Director Lead Us To Flipping The State?

Sycophants To The Very End

When Fiction Becomes Reality: Texas GOP Desperate To Save Fossil Fuels

GOP To Kill Off Endangered Species For Fossil Fuels...Which Kills Humans

Every Seat Counts

Gentrification’s Grip In Cameron County And The Role of SpaceX

Greg Abbott's Very Bad Month

Oil Oligarchs' Grip on Texas: How Their Influence Blocked Energy Reform

The Third Red Scare

Combatting Cameron County’s False Narrative on Elon Musk

Why Are West Texas Billionaires Trying To Buy Paxton's Acquittal?

The State of Texas' Christian Nationalist End Game: Colonize Houston

Protest Organize Participate: Empowering Young Voices in Houston, Texas

Who Owns Texas? Top 10 Most Influential Oligarchs.

True Texas Project: The New Red Scare

Texas Republicans Plot Path Toward Segregation

Christian Nationalist Billionaires Want to Take Over Houston

Abbott's Plan To Drown Refugees As A Deterrent For Seeking Asylum

GOP Pac To Target Conservative Hispanic Democrats In The Texas House

The Lone Star Left Playbook

Why Texas Democrats Must Focus On An Urban First Strategy And Embrace Progressivism

Empowering Change: NNWx Launches Online Training for Voter Registration Drives

Has North Texas Forgotten About The Monstrous Acts Of Beth Van Duyne?

Abbott Touts Texas' Economic Success Amidst 13.7% Food Insecurity Rate

The GOP's Regressive Plans To Push Whiteness In Texas Colleges And Universities

Republicans' Complicity In Cooking Prisoners To Death In TDCJ

Texas Tango Recap: The Absurd 88th Legislature's Special Session

Mitchell Jordan Makes History: Palestine, Texas Elects First-Ever Black Mayor

Pervez Agwan: A Progressive Voice For Texas' Future

The Impeachment Games

Angela Paxton Refuses To Recuse After Singing Husband's Praises

Corrupt Texas Republicans Are Nothing New

The Houston Democracy Project - Its Time To Fight Back

Tarrant County And The Future Of America

2023: The Year Of Accountability

Revisiting the Anchor Holding Texas Down: Texas Democratic Party's Ineffectiveness

Lina Hidalgo's Vision: Anti-Poverty In An Automated Future

Nueces County Extremist Group Is Imminent Threat To Democracy

A Feast of Political Absurdity: Texas Republicans Take the Stage

King Abbott Calls A Special Session

Slaton, Paxton, And The Republican Civil War

A Breakdown Of Ken Paxton's Alleged Crimes

Do Republicans In The Texas House Have A Drinking Problem?

Beyond Political Games: Understanding the Profound Impact of the Assault on DEI in Texas

Demographics, Democracy, and Determination: The Texas Equation

The Seething Hate Republicans Legislate By

Republican's Complicity In Transgender Genocide

The Inherent Dishonesty of Texas Republicans

Will of the People? The GOP Pushes Unpopular Bills Against the Majority

How To UnFuck Texas

Slaton To Be Expelled - Read Full Report Here

The Devastating Impacts Of Gerrymandering Texas

Naked Corruption: Abbott's Private Business Courts

Greg Abbott Uses Racist, Dehumanizing Language When Referring To Murder Victims

Who Are The Gilead Wives Club Women?

Banning Diversity...To Increase Diversity?

Republicans Pass Sweeping Authoritarian Bill

The Rise of Reagan and the Religious Right: How Evangelicalism Entered American Politics

Explosive Leak: Scandalous Ethics Complaint Against Bryan Slaton

Separate But Equal and Vigilante Justice

The Depravity Of A Republican Budget

The Death Of Democracy

The Absence Of The Texas Democratic Party

Conservative Censorship is Threatening Intellectual Freedom in America

Republicans To Ban "Critical Race Theory" In Colleges And Universities

The Steady Drumbeat of Fascism

Why Does Everyone Hate Bryan Slaton?

The Ides Of March: An Update From The Texas Legislature

Bettencourt Strikes Again: New Legislation Limits Election Officials and Adds Obstacles

Texas Republicans Embroiled In Corruption Scandals

Living Blue Rebranding And Updates From The Legislature

My Strange Relationship With Nate Schatzline

La Falange Juvenil Fascimo

We Finally Have House Committees

Is Everyone Asleep at the Wheel?

Today, Texas Celebrates White Supremacy Heroes Day

Dade Phelan Re-Elected House Speaker And Congress In Chaos

Get Ready For The GOP-Controlled Congress And The New Texas Legislature